The Fun Theory Behind The Piano Staircases

The initiative that began in Stockholm gained a lot of popularity and today more than 10 cities in the world have installed it in public places. So, the next time you are on a tour to these cities, do not miss on these piano staircases.


Let Us Raise Our Glasses On International Beer Day!

What is the only thing capable of making you forget your sorrows and seeing your joy double? The only thing bubbling in golden color to be affordable at costs much lesser than gold? It is nothing but our very own dark beauty, beer. Today I take pride in remembering the┬ácause of and the solution to …

Tonight 9 pm You shall see Winter Coming

The greatest secret is being a part of the secret.

5 Things Every Student in the Final Year Does Not Has On The List

There are a few things that you would never do just after passing out from college.

Can You Read This?

tihs psot is a mgacial veiw of the wognrikg of our bairn. You can raed tihs ntoe wtih all the wrods crorect. Puzzled? Well, our human brain has an excellent ability of reading words correctly even if they are spelled in a jumbled manner. This is because our brain reads the words as a whole, …

Tale of Hello!

What is the first word that you use after calling someone else or picking up a call? If it's 'hello', then this is for you. Ever wondered why whenever we call someone, our first instinct is to say 'hello'. Where did it came from? How did it originate? Is it a tradition or an accurate …