People Buy Goods And Services With An Emotional Connect

The world of advertising and marketing has always had new things coming up. The door to door sales and pamphlets offering discounts have become obsolete now. People no longer are interested in buying goods and services that might actually be useful to them, until they are interested in the relation, story or magic that is …


Brand Name Has A Greater Value Than The Product

The iPhone is by far one of the best smartphones of this era. Since it's first release in 2007 it has changed the smartphone world. It's performance and durability have been the most important factors which justify how great the phone is. On 12th September 2017, Apple launched its revolutionary technology. The event took place …

Smartphone: The PC in Our Pocket

We all have heard about a smartphone and might have used or are still using it, but have you ever thought how does it work? A smartphone is a complicated piece of technology. It is easy to use and can perform mostly all tasks that a personal computer can do, yet it is very complicated …

Female Astronauts who Fought Against All Odds To Break Records

Many of us have always dreamt of becoming an astronaut and flying into space, becoming a part of the celestial family. But very few of us are able to fulfill this dream of ours. However, the fortunate ones are fortunate enough to set benchmarks and make records. Just three days back, Peggy Whitson (aged 57) …

DIY Creative Anonymous Messaging Through Sarahah

Why we don't need Sarahah

Why should I try it? To spoil the news feed of others like they did mine with anonymous messages singing their praises or realizing that no body cares what others think about me? Yet, I had a hilarious time noticing some totally creative messages, that clearly show the power of anonymity that people gained through this app.

Website that Asks You to Create an Account are Building their Databases

Why do you think the option Log In with Facebook has been developed by websites?

What is so fascinating about Google Algorithms?

There is mystery associated with each search result. Do you have an idea what it is?

5 Things Every Student in the Final Year Does Not Has On The List

There are a few things that you would never do just after passing out from college.

I Bet You Want to be as Smart as He is!

The tricks he does are a treat to watch. Who are we talking about?