Website that Asks You to Create an Account are Building their Databases

Why do you think the option Log In with Facebook has been developed by websites?

What is so fascinating about Google Algorithms?

There is mystery associated with each search result. Do you have an idea what it is?

5 Things Every Student in the Final Year Does Not Has On The List

There are a few things that you would never do just after passing out from college.

I Bet You Want to be as Smart as He is!

The tricks he does are a treat to watch. Who are we talking about?

How Internet took over the Newspaper, the Television and the Radio by Surprise?

Internet: "Hello Newspaper! I am sorry to have diverted a lot of your regular readers!" Newspaper : "Yeah, you are right. I have started losing my charm now-a-days."  Internet: "That is so understanding on your part, Newspaper. But believe me, coming days will be more challenging for both of us." Newspaper : "Yeah, I know …

The Corporate Lifestyle!

The fascinating skyscrapers are powerhouses for extensive high profit outputs. These allure a large number of qualified engineers and managers to efficiently deliver their services and flourish. However, these corporate jobs are difficult to fit into in our lifestyle. Likes horses pulling the tongas, employees in MNCs are troubled to the fullest. They have long …

Goodbye Obesity !!

I am not going to discuss biology here. I am not going to define disease as a state of disordered functioning in human beings, plants or animals. I am not going to highlight how diseases can make your life hell. All I am going to do is to narrate the fear that creeps in with …

How Do The Advertisers Reach Their Target Audience?

Advertisers are quirky. They know how to find their target audience. Here's a marketing essentials : 'You can even sell yourself, if you find the target audience!'

Can You Read This?

tihs psot is a mgacial veiw of the wognrikg of our bairn. You can raed tihs ntoe wtih all the wrods crorect. Puzzled? Well, our human brain has an excellent ability of reading words correctly even if they are spelled in a jumbled manner. This is because our brain reads the words as a whole, …