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Longing for Belonging…

While the night painted into deeper and deeper shades of blue, her longing eyes were still looking for some belonging in the audacious blankness of the vast sky. Sitting under the labyrinth of those branches, in the company of the tree, that had grown along with her over the years, she had been expecting some magic to happen that night. She had heard in her childhood that the people who … Continue reading Longing for Belonging…

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Notices at Night…

With warnings studded like gems in gravel, A few roads are haunted hell to travel; Deceptive destinations don’t have a measured distance, And walking with principles is a foolish persistence! Your close ones will snatch your optimism, Will criticise, seeking rainbow in the prism; Shunning the principles that govern the result, Will demotivate adding spicy spoiled insult! Night after night, I am sleepless and thoughtful, … Continue reading Notices at Night…

Myths Of The Mirror…

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me grim realities of them all?” Asked a twenty year old, in anticipation of a traditional reply. However the mirror had much more to convey, with total internal reflection bringing enlightenment. The mirror responded in a satire: The walls of the hospital had heard more prayers than the walls of the churches! Now I know, nobody remembers God in … Continue reading Myths Of The Mirror…

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Impossible said “I’m Possible!”

One of the greatest happiness in the world is accomplishment of something, you thought you never had potential for! Having invested so much, when you have sacrifices your nights and overexploited your days, the joy of its completion is simply extraordinary. Well, this reminds me that the word ‘Impossible’ says, ‘I’m Possible”. And there are darlings (love redirects here)  in my life, who made me … Continue reading Impossible said “I’m Possible!”

Why Did You Finish Eating After Me?

I have two amazing juniors in my affectionate garden, who turn away from each other every now and then. Well, it’s true that fighting is birthright of juniors, but what to do when the subject of arguments is not broken pencils or toys? When it is not half-read comics or teasing? Well, it might sound strange that food feeds them for dispute. Be it the burgers at … Continue reading Why Did You Finish Eating After Me?

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Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time in history it was never said, that if something loses it’s existence or changes it’s appearance, it never had any valuable experiences. Every fallen, dead leaf, once danced enthusiastically on a windy day, Every drenched, wrecked ship, once sailed high spirited on bay! Everything that attains an end, definitely had a beginning. Birth and death are two universal truths, and the journey between … Continue reading Happily Ever After?

Left Right At The Centre

“What is at the centre of the Earth?” A seventh grade school teacher, with a beaming face questioned the class. “The core, comprising of hot molten iron is at the centre of the earth.” An affirmative tone answered. The response riveted the attention of a fantast, who was often led astray by his amusing thoughts. A sedentary last bencher, engulfed by the reply pondered if he … Continue reading Left Right At The Centre

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Solemn Speech In Solitude

There are instances when troubles drop in multitude, but there are people backing you up, without your knowledge. The mountains by the side of river, support it wholeheartedly throughout the journey, protecting it from storms and preserving its beauty. However, the river cuts the mountains, while making its way forward. How unjustified? But wait, how often do we accommodate that truth behind what we see?  What happens to the unconditional … Continue reading Solemn Speech In Solitude

Being Friends With Technology

The world is small, but we run in big circles, enslaved by technology. Most of us begin our day by checking the notifications of our facebook, whatsapp, twitter and instagram accounts, instead of brushing our teeth! Our breakfast is served at our news feed while our stomachs are filled by likes, comments and shares! Seriously? Internet has made the world a small town again. Everything, … Continue reading Being Friends With Technology