The Silent Conversation

“I still remember our first conversation.” She said. “I wish we never ever have a last one.” He said. They read eyes. The comprehended actions. They existed in each other. With the dawn of their long voyage, through thick and thin, time found them embracing each other in promenading hours. And now that the dusk had fallen, mentoring their benevolent love into the carriage to eternity, the … Continue reading The Silent Conversation

The Obscure Promise

“I will fall for you.” He said. “I will hold you before you fall.” She said. They practiced routine. They curtained evidences. They invisibly stood. She saw the other, unhealthy side of him, persuading her to quit. But, she stayed. While he ignored the obscure promise, her eyes longed for the fulfillment of just one wish, his prosperity. And this devotion, made her the infamous … Continue reading The Obscure Promise

The Last Dance

“You misinterpret whatever I say.” He said. “You leave me confused every time.” She said. Their conversations ceased. Their sharing halted. Their devotion martyred. It was their love committing suicide, without a death note. But, for all they cherished, they could spare their silence, to the tune of one last dance at the farewell. And this paradigm had made all the difference. Picture credit: Saurabh Rai Continue reading The Last Dance