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From Bharat to Digital India

India is no longer the same bullock cart driven nation, with women drawing water from wells and men ploughing the field. It no longer sees running water supply from the thatched roofs dripping into their earthen food plates. Bharat has come a long way to be called as India, or rather Digital India. (I hope you people will give the due credit to the person … Continue reading From Bharat to Digital India

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Love That Is Arranged In India

The dictionary defines ‘arranged marriage‘ as the marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple concerned. I appreciate the precise definition adhering to the fact that the reference wasn’t made to the arranged marriages in India. Arranged marriages in the Indian subcontinent are far more than just choosing the bride and groom. Although, Bollywood is a passionate advocate of romanticism in … Continue reading Love That Is Arranged In India

Woodwork is How a Carpenter Shows His Love…

Impressed by the dedication of a skilled artisan, I recognised him to be magician. You can hardly expect what unique transformation a thick tree trunk can go, when touched with the hands of a carpenter. The magician plays the trick his fingers, converting it into a beautiful furniture. It’s his ‘woodwork‘ that make it a member of our daily life. These might be just furniture … Continue reading Woodwork is How a Carpenter Shows His Love…

Electing Education.

With elections waiting next door, youngsters in the Republic of India, are looking forward to electing education this time. Undoubtedly, the elected representatives are face of the nation, and therefore, need to be competent enough to form a civilized government. Yet, many a times, potential contestants of elections lack basic education, that makes them cut off with the youth.  Now, the question arises that leadership … Continue reading Electing Education.


​A bond. A companionship. A promise. To every girl, sitting home brings a marriage proposal and to every boy, finding a job does the same. Especially, in our nation, India. Matrimony is believed to have symphony with the phrase called ‘happily ever after’.  Although, it is a synonym for a multilevel commitment, from person to person, family to family, realtive to relative, circumstance to circumstance. It … Continue reading Matrimony.

Who’s responsible?

It’s true that hunger and thirst can make anyone do anything. Be it stealing, killing, bribing or begging, all wrong turns right. When I see little kids eating from garbage bins, from leftovers in disposables and from the little earned by begging, I am left with a tempest of thoughts. Who’s responsibility are these little ones? Who’s responsibility is their secure future? Who’s responsibility is … Continue reading Who’s responsible?