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Down The Lane

Sitting under the French lamp post, I was walking down the memory lane and wondering about the colossal change that the nucleus of the city went through! Yes! I am talking about the Hazratganj. The majestic grandeur and the simplicity of architecture of Hazratganj have complimented the city of Nawabs, like cherry compliments a cake top. Being placed centrally in the city, not only its … Continue reading Down The Lane

Angna Phool Khilenge With Irshad Kamil : Curtain Raiser for Lucknow Literature Festival 2017

Proceeding with the Curtain Raiser for Lucknow Literature Festival 2017, there was yet another enthusiastic as well as intellectual evening, with one of most celebrated contemporary lyricist, Irshad Kamil. “Lyricist is half story-teller. He has the responsibility of entertaining the audience for thirty minutes out of three hours.” He has a rich knowledge of language, and has a flair of writing that has not left any … Continue reading Angna Phool Khilenge With Irshad Kamil : Curtain Raiser for Lucknow Literature Festival 2017

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Soul Food in Lucknow!

There was a slight saliva building up in my mouth as I walked through the streets of Lucknow. It was the smell of kebabs and biryani penetrating my trachea and activating the juice dance in my stomach. Besides the Nawabi heritage, the city has some of the most royal relishes as some superior soul food dishes to offer. The traditional food of Lucknow was highly patronized … Continue reading Soul Food in Lucknow!

The Heritage Talk

Everything in the present and everything in the future, is interconnected with everything in the past. This is why, everything can be explained by going back far enough in history, zooming in for exploration. History, uninterestingly viewed as a series of past events connected with a particular person or thing, has a more extensive purpose to serve, by helping us to have a better apprehension … Continue reading The Heritage Talk

Qawalli: Under Oblivion’s Curse

The harmonies of the instruments and claps of the proud presenters of Qawalli on the stage of Lucknow Literature Festival 2016, compelled me to open to the echoes of wisdom. I had lost my conscience to the roots of my own existence. There was something ironic in the goosebumps I felt sitting there in the mainstream audience. The truth revealed itself in appreciable span of time. … Continue reading Qawalli: Under Oblivion’s Curse

Evenings by your side….

There is something unusual in this capital. Famous as ‘Shan-e-Awadh’, the capital has preserved a rich heritage of Indian culture in the form of royal etiquette, lofty gardens, sensational poetry, soulful music and fine traditional cuisine. Apart from this, evenings by the side of river Gomti, are delightful romantic classics. It is the aroma of ‘Sham-e-Awadh’ that dominates the air near by and keeps the people spell-bound. As … Continue reading Evenings by your side….

Our Culture.

Walking by the side of road, I heard someone greeting me with ‘Aadab’.  It was the spectacular memories of Roomi Gate, initiating a conversation with me. I suppose, this ancient door had tales to narrate. After all, it had witnessed centuries roll over. Quiet overwhelmed, the door continued it’s silent talk. It took me back into the time when tongas and vintage cars crept on the road … Continue reading Our Culture.