Fashionista #2

Being born a girl who is robed in self confidence, styled with patience and ornamented with determination, allows you to accomplish the most unexpected tasks. The only necessary thing is never allowing anyone to add dullness to your sparkle! "I allow you to throw challenges to me. I will encash all the opportunities." Model Name …


Fashionista #1

Femininity is a virtue, undaunted by the hypocrisy of society. It instills confidence, courage and charisma, that flushes away the arguments that aspersed a girl's genuine gestures.  "Confidence is in you, not in the society. Stop looking for it outside." Model Name: Shipra Shukla Location: Marine drive, Gomtinagar, Lucknow Photographer: Sanjay Pal

Legacy That Dies

The other side of me showed it's face when I stood before the majestic portrait of my grandfather in the drawing room of my ancestral house. There was my father's portrait on the wall, next to this. And in the continuation, was my portrait, hung uselessly, much to my dislike. As I walked to my …