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Tales of Lost Love !

In all fairness, I can never decipher the inquisition of those who look up to writers regarding romantic entanglements. Isn’t the obviousness afflictive? Or clearly confusing? That my tomb will be hearsed with the commonwealth and the tales of my unrequited love, shall be concealed in undeciphered libraries. And that I would not be the only one hating love? “Very well then.” He abjures at … Continue reading Tales of Lost Love !

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The Reckless Devotion

Have you ever been bothered by the endless repetition of apothegm, “If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die” ? Have you felt the whimsical farrago of passiveness that corrode away your susceptibility towards predilection? A writer, particularly the one who is falling hard in love, is subjected to an endless, unaccountable torment but the inexplicable dilemma is that you can’t … Continue reading The Reckless Devotion

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Love Thyself !!

In a paradigm where verisimilitudinous speculations inherit mounting maxima, the preposterous vision is profoundly condemned. The belligerent encounters of heart with mind sever the functioning of all the factions of the human brain and heart. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pervading into the monstrous dolors of dereliction. I’ve been told that I’m a confused, chaotic, directionless flesh with no idea of the path … Continue reading Love Thyself !!

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How the Sunflower Craved for its Sun !

The diagnosis did yield positive results, yet I was sick. The doctors were perplexed by this unfamiliar, undetected disease that I’d caught. Due to this conundrum, they failed to save me. Had they checked my heartbeat when my eyes met your eyes, they would have known that I wasn’t sick. I was sunk, I was doomed in your love ! Had they seen how my … Continue reading How the Sunflower Craved for its Sun !

Who hears your voice – Cult or None ?

There is a colossal population of youngsters who entail articulation, franchise and require expression to put forth their opinion. Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA) attempts to provide this platform to the Indian youth to make themselves heard. From unpretentious beginnings, their website has surged up to heights of readership, engagement and immense popularity. Started by Anshul Tewari in March 2008, the purpose was to fill … Continue reading Who hears your voice – Cult or None ?

When Did You Last Sleep ?

Dear eyes, Your conspiracy to bring floods into my room, irks me. I really wonder when did you last sleep? You have been shedding tears for an unworthy heart since so long, for you unfortunately found in them, the faith, they never deserved. You were too innocent to fall prey to the lucrative gestures of human physiognomy, inciting infatuation that eventually dumped you. By now, … Continue reading When Did You Last Sleep ?

Nature : An Epitome of Love

On a cozy winter morning, a fully emerged dew drop, that dwelled upon a beautiful green leaf, fell in love with the sharp blade of grass that stood beneath her. In spite of their differences, they adored each other. “Let me come to you, for you complete me.” She confessed her love to the grass. “LOVE HURTS!” He murmured to the dew drop, finding her beauty … Continue reading Nature : An Epitome of Love