Painting Past

How did we reach here?  Evoking the jiffy where it all unfolded, when I first shared an exceedingly personal incident of my life with you and the following month, while revealing the skeletons in your closet, you asked about me being so comfortable in sharing something so private, something that made me so vulnerable at …


The Last Watch

The last I got a glimpse through the ICU door, he was being resuscitated. The strongest person of my life, the Herculean build, lay all vulnerable at the hands of destiny. I could hear nothing standing there in the hospital corridor, besides my mother's utter cries of her crumbling life that were not reaching his …

Is There No Last Time?

I want you to feel what you made me feel. I want you to go through the same pain and suffering, but I am not capable of inflicting such atrocities. If I were, I wouldn't have been a victim of yours, all by myself. 

Sitting Alone By The Gate, I Discovered Home

Sitting alone by the gate, a thought from far away land of anxiety wandered into his mind. It was rather a notion of reality which he succumbed to, or an ailment he'll rather not wish anyone to submerge in. It had been a quiet morning for him as he took a day off from his …

Open Letter On My Birthday

Somewhere between ordering a theme cake and picking any one from the display, I grew up. Somewhere between having two birthday cakes and having none, I grew up.

Tonight 9 pm You shall see Winter Coming

The greatest secret is being a part of the secret.

The Unbreakable Captivity

I had never seen him like that. He was lost, vulnerable and at his lowest. I know what being in a crater feels like, but he was caught up in a fissure. It wasn't just underneath and dark, it was narrow and suffocating as well. They say there's light at the end of the tunnel. …

First Thoughts

And like a child, she rose from her mighty ancestral roots with her protective layer still covering her delicate soul, resembling a newly born chick in an eggshell. What possibly could be the first thoughts within the little mind of an infant? Perhaps the desire to be as beautiful as her mother after having a …