About Us


We are bunch of people who love to be around each other, and eat impatiently at our parties. We have solemnly resolved to utilizing our leisure time, after subtracting the hours of eating, travelling and sleeping, to create amazing writeups that you read!

We started the culture of photo blogging, which has impressed many (including you) and will continue to impress many more. You wonder how we do this?
Well, it’s like a genie coming out of Aladdin’s lamp to write for us and then Shaktimaan going around to click pictures for them!

Unbelievable, right?

On that note,  join us to know the exact workflow. You just have to learn one thing before you drop a mail/text to us, that there is lot more to learn!

Write to us at zinnithyboulevard@gmail.com.

Contact us on Facebook: Zinni Thy Boulevard