Only If Anyone Has Any Vested Interest

We all live in a society with various kinds of people. We talk to them, we relate to them and try to help each other when in need. But all are not of same kind. We all are selfish because we want our own good. In order to achieve what we want in life we are good to those who pay us something in return and help only them but we are mean to those who don’t pay us anything good. In today’s world not a single man would be present on this earth who will be ready to help others without their own benefit. Be it friends or relatives.

Take examples of  policemen, lawyers, employees, or even kids. In a particular case even if the police knows the real culprit then he or she will be spared if they are having a supportive background. For the want of some money they can change the direction of the whole investigation. Lawyers can turn false true in return for their payment. Employees will be very cooperative to those who will provide advantage in their work and not with those who won’t. Even kids nowadays see their benefits. They mingle with those who have all sorts of stuffs and luxurious lifestyle and will help only those who will provide them with their gain be it studies or games.

Whereas there are some people who can go on the verge of exploiting others for their own good. Like our politicians. During elections they make numerous promises and ensure that they will be accomplished. But when their government comes in power none of them are fulfilled. They accept payment after payment thus, exploiting the common people. The owners of many companies also exploit their workers. They make their workers do ample amount of work in return of meagre salary. They see only their profit and rest is not their deal.

This world has now become a land of monsters who only think of their benefits. They don’t see what is right and what is wrong they just want their work to be done by hook or by cook. The world has become the land of mean people. The land named ‘MATLABPUR‘.

Picture Credit: Deepak Kumar


One Reply to “Only If Anyone Has Any Vested Interest”

  1. The advent of economics has changed the basic instincts of the race…. now every one is after a limited resource called money….. it lies with very few people and you need to work for them to earn it….. and have turned selfish because this is what we want to possess and save……

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