The Hidden Reality

We all live in this world. We travel, we see various things. But due to our busy day to day schedule we don’t ever care to stop and see the world which is invisible to us. The world where the reality lives.

It’s like we just see the reflection and what lies beyond is hidden.

Galileo once wrote:”What you are seeing isn’t a glass of wine at all, but a symbol in a wider reality designed to trigger an action or emotion. “

We see a glass of wine. Its taste, its odour but not its effects.

We see a clown in a circus doing funny acts and making people laugh. But no one sees the tears and emotions hidden behind his smiling face. No one cares to find the reason why he chose to let the world mock at him.

We see a blind man crossing the road but we don’t see what efforts he has to make to do this simple act. We can’t even guess how he puts forth his footsteps by relying on his ears.

We see a beggar sitting at the roadside but we don’t see his miseries. The situations he had to go through before he realised that he was meant for nothing but to beg.

We see a woman going for work. We don’t see the conditions of how she manages her household works and office works simultaneously. We see a housewife doing her errands but we don’t see her dedication and hard work for which she gets nothing even after working for twenty four hours.

In our daily routine we forget to look behind what the actual reality is. We should try to find out what is hidden behind so that we can find out the actual reason like what happens and why it is happening.

Picture Credit : Aakash Singh


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