Plant your WiFi Towers Today

We live in a world where we need to be connected to the internet at all times. To solve even the smallest of problems, we must have an active internet connection. Similarly, we need oxygen to breathe and to stay alive. Man, in his thirst for ultimate satisfaction, is destroying the primary reason for his survival.

Deforestation is a major problem, as it has considerably reduced the amount of trees in the world. The main reason is to urbanise an area out of its rural roots. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that trees are a great source for various things like: oxygen, food , shelter , medicines, timber, etc.

The people of this planet do not realize, there are several factors that depend on the trees, the movement of the wind which causes the change in weather and soil erosion which causes reduced crop yield. All the natural cycles get disturbed by the loss of trees. It is therefore necessary to spread awareness about this situation. People must realise that this is a great reason for our planet’s degradation.

At this point, just imagine, if trees were to give out WiFi signals! The amount of trees in this world would be unimaginable. Every person would plant at least one tree everyday in their backyard to help strengthen his WiFi signal.

Nowadays, the world is so advanced that protecting nature has become a secondary choice for everyone. There are a few organisations that are willing to step forward to spread awareness and hold out camps to teach the coming generation about the importance of trees, how to keep planting and not destroying them. But, it has to come from all of us.

We must protect our planet together, and save it for our future generations. We must make a promise to ourselves that each time a tree is being cut another 5 trees are being planted somewhere in the world. This must be the agenda. A stand has to be taken to save our planet.

We call it mother nature, but destroy it like it doesn’t mean anything to us. So, I urge you to ‘plant your WiFi towers’, the trees for oxygen, for in the future its demand will rise and supply will be less.

Hurry up, for the day is not far when it might be possible that there won’t be any place left to plant a tree. So The choice is entirely yours. Be your own saviour.



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