Brand Name Has A Greater Value Than The Product


The iPhone is by far one of the best smartphones of this era. Since it’s first release in 2007 it has changed the smartphone world. It’s performance and durability have been the most important factors which justify how great the phone is.

On 12th September 2017, Apple launched its revolutionary technology. The event took place at the prestigious Steve Jobs Theater, California, United States.

Tim Cook, the CEO , kickstarted the evening with the launch of the Apple Watch series 3, Apple 4K TV followed by the iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus and the much awaited iPhone X known as iPhone 10.

Apple is one of the most reliable companies in the world because of its enhanced features backed up by its performance. Since the very first iPhone , people always expect more from the next model, and Apple does not fail to deliver.

The most recent product of Apple is the iPhone X. Though it is not available in the market yet, but the price is set to start at a whopping 999$.


With other smart phone companies like Samsung , MicroMax etc , having some of the same features are still priced at a lower rate, they are able to sell but have some issues related to their products. One great advantage Apple has is that it never fails in performance and durability tests like it’s competitors which leads to gaining the trust of millions of users.

The various competitors have had their share of problems with their products which leads to bad publicity. And in turn people deny the product .

People are ready to pay quick money for their smartphones to be fast, reliable , durable and which causes no problems for them. That is where the iPhone comes in. People who have bought the older versions of the phone are still using them.
The main reason being that the Apple iPhone is up to par with the same performance it had when the user first bought it.

So a 999$ phone may sound expensive to almost everyone, but since many people have used the previous versions of the phone, they trust the brand-name. The iPhone can be termed as a long-term investment as it is bound to last for a very long time.

Many pre-bookings have been made for the latest smartphone already. It is safe to say that the Apple  brand name will be successful in keeping its customers loyal, even with such a high price.

The highlight is even if Apple launched a 1500$ smart phone with features that are unimaginable in smartphones, people are still bound to go out and purchase it , since Apple has had such a great track record.

Some may disagree about its high pricing but it seems justified as the product promises to deliver and has great new features to work with.

Thus. it is safe to say that once a company has established a brand name for themselves, customers will be willing to pay high prices for their products.




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