Who Shall Be The First Customer?

While golgappe continue to be the most loved snack on the Indian streets, not just girls, boys too are lured by the mouth-watering delicacy. The small roadside stalls of golgappe are center spots for youngsters who are out for recreation. The sight is so delightful that even the golgappe wale bhaiya waits for these customers and seldom serves an extra golgappa with dahi-chutney to them.

Yet, I am greatly amazed when people argue with them for the number of golgappe that they would serve for a specified price.

Don’t they know that it is their only source of livelihood? At least they are not begging on the streets.

If you happen to visit the homes of any golgappe wale bhaiya, you can very well see the kind of efforts that are put in to prepare the golgappas since morning and then efficiently standing at the stall to market them.

Just because they are standing on the street and not serving in a chambered restaurant, doesn’t make them less deserving of appreciation.

Don’t they see the glee in their eyes while they serve the golgappe? At least they are happy in what they are doing.

Having 5 golgappas for 10 rupees adds not just to their income, but also to their happiness. At least, they would not go to bed with the disappointment of not being able to continue to serve golgappe.

They wait eagerly for a bunch of people, who talk along while having golgappe and carry strange memories with them. All they serve is with love.

Every time we eat golgappe, we are making a contribution to a deserving person’s life. This is certainly, Incredible India!

Picture Credit: Rajat Kumar Singh


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