5 Ironies Revealed In The Rohingya Crisis

Ever thought what would happen if you were forced to move out of your native lands, leaving behind everything you refereed as your belonging? Ever thought what would happen if you travelled to a completely unknown land all across the sea? Ever thought what would happen if nobody will accept you or provide you food and shelter?

myanmar_650x400_81424342862.jpgWell, the people from the Rohingya community who are facing this currently will answer these in the most honest words. The restrictions and policies of Myanmar Government on them which deprives them of the choice of marriage, education, employment and even movement, are continuously making them suffer since past 35 years.

UN has identified them as the most persecuted community and it comes to light just as more than 370,000 people fled from a violent military crackdown in their state of Rakhine in Myanmar.Boat people Rohingya Stateless People.jpg


Here are 5 ironies that are evident from this humanitarian crisis.

  1. Laws Need To Be Justified, Else Revised: The issue dates back to 1982 when the Myanmar Government refused to recognise the Rohingya Muslims as a minority and declined them the citizenship of Myanmar. Much to our surprise, 135 other minorities were on the list of citizens of Myanmar and one was striked of. Since then, they have suffered oppression just like somebody subjugated over slaves.Rohngya Declined Citizenship in 1982.jpeg
  2. Persecution is Not At All Justified: Since 1980s, Rohingya people have been migrating from Myanmar because of the religious and ethnic differences they faced from other religious faiths. It is also debated that this persecution by the Buddhist majority, post denial of citizenship was an attempt to acquire land and oil wells from the Rohingya people. Yet, forcing people out of their homes is not at all justified.f85620ee1104322c6307ad9590ac448e.jpg
  3. Entire Earth is Not Our Home: Some 400,000 Rohingyas had taken refuge in Bangladesh over the past two decades and our now migrating to other nearby nations such as India, Indonesia and Malaysia. These nations are already packed with people and cannot accommodate any sudden population explosion. As many as 8 lakhs people have migrated in just 20 days beginning from August 25.stateless rohingya.jpg
  4. Mass Migration is Not Human Trafficking: Sadly, the Indian and Bangladeshi Governments are puzzled with the mass migration, suspicious of the fact that it might be a case of human trafficking by some terrorist group. These ‘boat people’ (as the media refers to them) are boarding in such large numbers that the driving problem has deprived them of more patience. The solution has to be found within the boundaries of Myanmar and not on the boundaries of India and Bangladesh.3cd42927350843fea7c123151ee0fef5_6.jpg
  5. Nobel Peace Prize Was Deliberately Killed: Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate from Bangladesh was imprisoned in her house until 2010 and sadly she couldn’t do anything for the unbecoming compromise. She is the State Counsellor and Leader of the National League for Democracy of Myanmar, yet she had spent 15 years under arrest. In true terms the Dictator Government knew that reconciliation and condemnation would get in the way if she intervened and so, they kept her imprisoned. But now, she is silent.Aung San Suu.jpg

India and Bangladesh can’t deal with this matter alone. But, the question is who will take care of these people even if they are sent back to Myanmar? The struggle for existence remains the same and the frequency of attacks is not likely to fall as Myanmar has called them as a ‘terrorist group’ asking for a separate nation for them. Even the de facto leader, who led the peace movement in Myanmar is silent. Do you have suggestions?


2 Replies to “5 Ironies Revealed In The Rohingya Crisis”

  1. strongman of Southeast, Indian PM, is behaving like nothing is happening. it is right that he is PM of Indians, not of Roasting, but he can solve or at least rise the issue in international forum without spending a single Indian penny, just by the diplomacy. Well big leaders are always deaf one. Well feeling helpless here, but i am sure not all Rohingyas can flee Mayanmar. Solution of refugee crisis lies in Mayanmar, this can not be solved by allowing them to stay in India or Bangladesh.

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    1. Obviously it can’t be found beyond the boundaries of Myanmar. Our nations are struggling with their own population explosion and so the International Court must intervene in this matter.


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