My Online Dates With Quora

After learning a lot from Facebook, the next step was to advance towards other great platforms in order to quench my curiosity. Spending time with Twitter and Quora simultaneously, slowly I got swayed away by Quora.

I could hardly remember when my inclination turned into infatuation, for majorly I was spending time with Quora, reading about Quora, written by people on Quora, to understand Quora.

In this article, I shall discuss the conclusions of my online dating process with Quora. However, I fear if many of you have heard or not heard the name of Quora earlier. For I also discovered, many writers on Quora does not operate on WordPress and similarly, many bloggers on WordPress are not on Quora. I should not be surprised if I belong to the rare group that exists on both these platforms.

Here are the conclusions:

  • Quora is the 100% delivering platform for backlinking if you know the trick of backlinking. You will find traffic coming to your website for several days, as long as the backlink is viewed by the users.
  • You can find the topic specific audience, which means that you increase the chance of your post receiving appreciation by the readers. You can compare the topics to the tags in WordPress.
  • Upvotes on Quora, unlike the likes of WordPress, are not just a measure of the extent to which your write-up convinced the readers, but also a metric of the reach that your write-up will receive. The number of upvotes is directly proportional to the eye balls that a particular write-up will gain.
  • Quora write-ups are automatically indexed by the search engines as the crawler is allowed to traverse the entire website. In technical terms, Quora did not put noindex code in the robots.
  • You can easily find critics on Quora. You can find people who would turn you into a maniac. You can find experts in every niche to critically evaluate your write-ups and give their expert comments.
  • You should not be putting your hand into niches on which you don’t have a good command over. You can be trolled for the foolishness that you have done and at the same time, the write-up can crash into utter disappointment, fetching more downvotes.
  • You have to be patient for the followers. No matter how many online dates you have with Quora, the time you have spent is always less in comparison to what is needed to get popular in Quora.

While these conclusions will be easier for people who are familiar with Quora to understand, these are easily comprehensible for others as well. To my fellow bloggers here, I am glad to inform that even Quora has a blogging arrangement where you can start your own free blog and publish posts.

I recently started a blog there and the results are huge. Although it took me time to crack the ways of Quora, bloggers with a flair of writing won’t find it difficult. I can happily say that Quora is my new-found love.

quora final-01.jpg

Graphic By: Abhishek Srivastava


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