Inside Out of LG V30: The Predator of Note 8.

LG is renowned for manufacturing consumer grade electronic products and has always been a rival to Samsung, in terms of each and every consumer grade electronic products. Be it Televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. or the smartphones, LG and Samsung have always been competing for users love. However, the department of smartphones has always had Samsung as the dominant manufacturer.

LG has been a step behind of Samsung, but with the launch of LG’s new flagship smartphone LG V30, LG might change the game and it might give Samsung’s flagship i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a cut-throat competition.


§  Build, Design & Display: LG has done really great work with the design display and build. At first glance, V30 might not look like a typical LG device. LG has changed the look and feel of the device so much that now it feels much more premium than before.

  • 6-inch P-OLED display with minimum bezel, less than LG’s G6 bezel, make the display much more beautiful to look at it. Note that the display used here is not a super AMOLED panel like Samsung uses in its devices but it uses the same Active Matrix OLED technology resulting in deep blacks and rich, vibrant colors.
  • A spit polished glass sandwich of a smartphone is what this phone is. It is water resistant and LG has stepped up the industrial design by smoothing out some of rougher edges of its G6 with a slightly more curve at the back. All this has resulted in a gorgeous looking phone with better grip in one hand.


§  Specification: Like all the flagships, LG has also opted for the top of the line specs for smoother and greater performance. Under the hood of LG V30, there is –

  • A snapdragon 835 processor, which is powering this baby up with 4GB of RAM and a base storage of 64GB. The storage can be expanded upto 256 GB with a dedicated microSD slot.
  • A 3300 mAh battery, which should give a battery backup of at least 1 day.

§  Camera and Sensors: LG relies on robust architecture when it comes to the hardware.

  • LG is still using the same camera setup as on the G6. But, with a slight change. LG is using a 16MP f/1.6 aperture OIS based primary sensor, coupled with a 13MP f/1.9 aperture wide angle camera without OIS and a 5MP f/2.2 aperture front facing camera.
  • On the software side, Android 7.1.2 nougat based on LG’s own UI, is provided. (I wish we could get android O out of the box but we are getting Nougat.)
  • Talking about the sensors, it has all the sensors like fingerprint sensor, which doubles as a power button, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and a new one added to it a color spectrum sensor (exclusive to V30 only.)
  • This device has fast charging (quick charge 3.0), NFC support, wireless charging as standard, USB type C port, a dedicated headphone jack with hi-fi Quad DAC for much better audio quality from headphone jack, face unlock and voice unlock.


§  Pricing: The most important aspect has not yet been revealed by LG. But, it won’t be sold at a cheap price. Since it’s a flagship device, the expected price can be assumed as $900.

LG has come so far in the mobile market industry but had always been left behind by Samsung’s flagship. Yet, this time is different as it looks like LG is going to give Samsung a very tough competition. It would be very hard for Samsung to beat LG this time if the price of the V30 is not as high as the Samsung’s Note 8. Let us wait and watch!


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