Letters I Never Posted…

Dear Slippers,

You have been an honest confidant on all sojourns, bearing everything associated with the rugged and slippery contours without complain. Your silent support has helped me to escape in a lot of situations. Be it, jumping off a wall or trespassing from stairs at night, you have made everything easy.

You have protected me everywhere making me realise that if the world doesn’t has a carpet to tread on, you are there to facilitate moving on. By no means, the sojourn should pause or cease, for the guardians (you) are always there.

Yet I wonder, how do you feel like being seated by the side of fire? Perhaps, you would get burns on your body. And if I take you for swimming everyday? Alas, you would develop cracks on your body.

No, I can’t do this. I know God has made us out of different materials and so our needs are different. So, I suppose I should take you off whenever I know that there is a danger waiting for you. However, I selfishly put you on when there is danger waiting for me, including fire, water, oil, mud etc.

How does it feel to be dirty on one side and clean on the other? I hope you don’t curse me for that. Okay let it be. I can frankly not afford to lose a companion who takes me to a comfortable state of being, a guardian who has always been in the back yard, to be the partner in crime.

And please don’t mind if I change you as you grow old. It is because I don’t want to put on more stress on you that I find another pair. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust you for my sojourns or you have not been living up to my expectations. You are and will be, in the heart’s store house forever.

The Guardian

Picture Credit: Akash Singh


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