DIY Creative Anonymous Messaging Through Sarahah

I have seen this ‘Sarahah’ thing going on Facebook since a long time. My news feed has been filled with spam posts of anonymous confessions, but this hidden mess is totally a crazy affair.

The question is why would you subject yourself to this? To find out what others think about you? Or to abuse someone who had hurt you long back? Or to exchange love confessions? Anybody who doesn’t has ample of time to spend on useless affairs will give a damn to this.

Why we don't need Sarahah
Why we don’t need Sarahah

Where is the world that wishes strong steps are to be taken against cyber-bullying or bullying of any kind? How can we make it so easy to happen? And that too so frequently?

As a matter of fact, I had been skeptical about this app ever since it was born. And analyzing how disgustingly people were behaving with one another, (Note that the complaints, abuses, and grudges were not shared on social media), I cremated up my never born wish to create a ‘Sarahah’ account.

Why should I try it? To spoil the news feed of others like they did mine with anonymous messages singing their praises or realizing that nobody cares what others think about me? Yet, I had a hilarious time noticing some totally creative messages, that clearly show the power of anonymity that people gained through this app.

Here are a few of them:

  1. This gave voice to my cold-war with the Trivago man.
  2. For people not in love, so February is out of calendar!Β 2.jpg
  3. And spend more time on Twitter than Facebook, please!9.png
  4. This has been issued in public interest!Β 20799806_1419371808139603_524200249006498582_n.jpg
  5. Well, please take ‘Sarahah’ seriously!5

While there is no evidence that these creative messages are photoshopped or designed, but they surely reflect the creativity that we have. In the meanwhile, I am trying to ignore the grammar and spelling errors that various posts with #sarahah have.

And congratulations to all those who have survived the #sarahah epidemic just like they survived #prisma via complete ignorance. Because you saved yourself from becoming a part of Sarahah’s unregistered online database. If the latest sources are to be believed, the application, developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, has been uploading user’s information to its server without the proper permissions to do so.

PS: These 5 messages are salvage!

Have a safe future #sarahah!

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