Because A Lot Can Happen Over Tea

I am glad that the Chinese traveler who discovered tea while on his way in a forest, when he asked his attendants to serve him boiled water, did not restrict tea to his region. Although it was an accidental discovery when some leaves fell in the pot of boiling water and imparted it a flavour, it was on its way to become the most celebrated beverage in the world.

Here is a small incident which was repeating itself in my mind when I was sitting with an old friend, over a cup of tea this evening. The surroundings were natural and we happened to sit in the shade of a tree, discussing about the discovery of tea.

Somewhere in the middle of it, I happened to ask him ,”Do you remember school days?”. I was expecting a usual answer but we had cups of tea in hand and evidently, the incident about tea was the first memory that cropped up.

While in school, there was a little boy who had his home at a walking distance but he always purchased a packet of milk while on his way back home. And he did this without fail. I used to watch him doing so, every day without fail.

One day, out sheer curiosity,  I happened to ask the boy the reason behind this. The answer was worth listening. In just a statement, he conveyed what relationships meant to him.

“Mummy will be back from office in the evening and I will serve her tea.” He politely smiled. I realised that he was making up the absence of his deceased father, in the same way that I make up for the absence of my deceased mother at home.

This tea incident, strengthened our bond, for there were many things that we shared. Responsibilities for our families, deficiencies of life, dreams for future and yes conversations over the cup of tea.

Under that tree, this conversation over tea, left both of us numb. We had come back from the flashback of 10 years.

Picture Credit: Akash Singh


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