The Fun Theory Behind The Piano Staircases

The World is a beautiful place and it has evidences inviting all of us to tour it at least once in a lifetime.

If you happen to stop by any of the famous European cities like Stockholm (Sweden), Milan (Italy), Athens (Greece), Rennes (France) etc., you will find the pedestrians walking over the playful piano staircases and sounding their own tunes. These look like the piano and even function like one, playing the tune corresponding to the key that is pressed when the person steps on it. It is both playful and healthy.

Due to the advantages, these are not restricted to Europe, as you can also spot them in public places of San Francisco (USA), Valparaiso (Chile), Sangdu (China) and Sau Paulo (Brasil). And the list doen’t ends here.

What is the reason behind constructing these fascinating piano staircases?

The doctor often recommend to use stairs instead of escalators or elevators. But, only few people follow this advice. The reason being the convenience that is already added to lives with the presence of escalators and lifts.

Can we get more people to opt for stairs by making it fun to do?

Keeping this in view, Volkswagen took an initiative, the fun theory. Piano staircases have been a hit in cities worldwide after this. The staircases have musical sensors that play notes when touched. After the initiative, 66% more people chose staircases over escalator.

The conclusion was that the easiest way to change people’s behavior is to make it fun to do! The moment people found that they could get some refreshment by listening to the tune that they play while stepping on the piano staircases, they tried it often.

The initiative that began in Stockholm gained a lot of popularity and today more than 10 cities in the world have installed it in public places.

Isn’t it incredible?

So, the next time you are on a tour to these cities, do not miss on these piano staircases. And don’t be stuck with laughter if you see people going up and down the piano staircases. They are welcoming you to join them in the fun!

So, which tune will you play while climbing up the piano stairs?


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