Barcelona Attacks Develop Fear In Tourists Who Are Seeking A Peaceful Recreation

Fewer people are visiting tourist destinations these days because there is no guarantee of a peaceful recreation. Be it the Mumbai Attacks in India or the Barcelona attacks in Spain, terrorism has no nationality, no religion, and no concern. It is only humanity that is killed.

Hundreds of tourist were held hostage in two luxurious Hotels and as per reports, nearly 6 foreigners including a Britisher were killed in Mumbai attacks. But that was 2008 when travelers from Australia, the United States, Spain, Norway, Canada, and Singapore were wounded.

Tourists in Barcelona
Tourists in Barcelona
Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain, known for its art and architecture was recently hit by a massacre where many tourists along-with the local residents were brutally butchered in a terrorist attack.

It was a twin attack, not any better in terms of loss of life and property than the twin tower attack. The double terror attacks that rocked Spain, was carried out on vans running into crowds on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas in the morning and Cambrils tourist resort later at night.

Today, it’s 2017 and the entire world has become the breeding ground for terrorists. An Irish boy aged 5 suffered a broken leg, during the attack on the busy streets of Las Ramblas area of the Spanish city, ahead of his birthday celebration while a young Italian engineer, on a holiday with his fiancee died in the resort.

A total of 14 people were massacred and 130 more were injured, with a significant proportion occupied by the foreign tourists, including Algerians, Moroccans, Pakistanis, and Turks. Are they different in any way to what happened in 2008?

Gurudwara in barcelona providing food, shelter and first aid.
Gurudwara in barcelona providing food, shelter and first aid.

The welcome move came from the Sikh houses of worship in the Spanish city, who opened their gates wide for the victims who are seeking shelter, food and first-aid. They showed the world that entire Earth is our home.

Yet the increasing number of terror attacks in Europe is fearful. An Australian lady who survived the Barcelona attack said that she had also been caught up in London Bridge and Paris rampages earlier.?

One moment they were clicking selfie, shopping with friends and having street food, and the other moment they were literally running for their lives.

This grows fear in people who are to travel or tour any place in the world. They may be locked up all of sudden while they expect to freely flow with the air. They may be struggling with fear while they intend to carry back good memories. Just wishing that everyone is safe, where ever they are.

The loving city of Barcelona
The loving city of Barcelona

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