A Day In History of Turkey 18 Years Back

17 August is a day of mourning in the history of Turkey because a horrific earthquake striked Izmit (a city in Turkey) 18 years ago on 17 August 1999. It took over 17,000 lives and left 50,000 people injured. Neither the societal conditions were good, nor the health care. As a result, the natural disaster had affected nearly all families in Turkey.

It was three in the morning when the Earthquake had hit. Since most of the people were asleep, they were uninformed and could not take preventive measures. It was the longest night that the country had seen. Today, each and every resident in Turkey wishes that the country never sees such a night again.

17th August 2017
17th August 2017

It was the most powerful earthquake to hit Turkey and the most severely damaging one. Izmit is an industrial town in turkey, which implies that the earthquake measuring six-point-seven on the Richter scale not only caused loss of life but also loss of property. Entire buildings collapsed, damaging everything that was in them.

Turkey is plagued by earthquakes. Three months later another massive earthquake killed at least 550 people and still, 7 million buildings are unsafe in Turkey. Recently on July 21, magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Greece and Turkey, triggering Tsunami, which killed a total of 115 people. The sad irony was that most of the people killed were tourists.

Newspaper clip showing the devastation
Newspaper clip showing the devastation

Many such disasters take away many lives and the remaining ones are taken away by wars that humans wage against fellow humans. There is hardly any difference in the security of life. Today we are particularly poignant to remember and mourn the loss of lives during the unforgettable night but we must also be prepared to face such earthquakes every day.

Day of Mourning in Turkey
Day of Mourning in Turkey

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