LG Q6 Overview: Live Out of Bound

LG is a company, which manufactures one of the most premium smart-phones, TV’s, home appliances and monitors. It has recently released its new smartphone LG Q6, which is targeted to mid-ranged audience.

If we look at the track record of its budget lineup in past, LG doesn’t have a good record, but this time LG has is trying to change its reputation in the budget section of the smartphone market and directly competing with brands like Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Honor, etc.

LG-Q6 (1)

Here is the analysis of what LG has to offer with Q6.

  • Build & Design: LG has nailed the build and durability of this device. It is made up of 7000 series Aluminum, the same metal used by Apple in their iPhone 7 & 7Plus along with a rock-solid design, which can resistdropping impacts.It has the US military 810g certification, which increases its durability. Besides this, it has a unibody design enhanced by a poly-carbonate or plastic back.
  • Hardware: Since this is a device crafted for a middle price range, the SOC used here is a Snapdragon 435 processor (Basically an 8 X ARM-Cortex A53, clocked upto 1.4 GHz). It is a good processor based on the 28nm process technology and is coupled with QUALCOMM’s Adreno 505 GPU, which performs fair in gaming.
  • Memory: There is 3GB RAM and 32GB of Internal Storage present in the phone. It has a proper dual sim support and a dedicated microSD expansion slot. So, storage would not be an issue on this device.


  • Display:Now the USP (Unique Selling Point) of this device is the screen or rather its Display. It has a 5.5 inch IPS FullHD+ FullVision Display, with a resolution of 2160X1080p and 18:9 screen dimension. This makes the device the first one with this beautiful display in this mid-range market.
  • Camera: It has a single 13MP rear camera and a 5MP wide angle camera, which can take some decent images with good balance of color, light & details at day time but when the light decreases and as it gets darker the camera struggles to keep the detail and noise start to creeps in.
  • Speaker:LG Q6 has a single speaker at the back of the phone which gets muffled very easily. The sound is fine in terms of consuming media, but since the speaker is present at the back, it’s not as loud as the other phones in the competition like Moto G5+ or Nokia 6.
  • Software: LG has made a lot of changes in its UI and made its software quite free and fluid. LG Q6 is on android version 7.1.1 (Nougat), which is really a good gesture by LG because there are few manufacture who still are selling their brand new phone on Marshmallow. The UI is exactly like LG’s G6 and all the good stuff of Nougat is present in Q6.
  • Performance: Performance of the phone is the only area where LG Q6 lags. Since LG is using SnapDragon 435 processor, which kind of fits in between low mid-range and mid-range processors, it suffers a major disadvantage. At the same price other vendor are providing Snapdragon 600 series or Kirin SOC, which are better SOC than Snapdragon 435 SOC, adding to the competition. LG Q6 has a mediocre performance – it will get your daily job done but not as fast as the other competitors.
  • Price:LG Q6is priced at 15,000 INR, at the same price segment as that of Moto’s G5+, Nokia 6, Honor 6X and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Concluding the overview, it appears that LG Q6 is a unique phone with a premium price tag, a premium build & design, and a beautiful display. With an average performance, this phone is made for people whose priority is a big and best display, who want to consume media and social network much more than playing games or taking pictures &watching videos and editing them on phone.



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