Friendship Diaries

The most melodramatic episodes of comedy, fantasy, love and even heartbreaks are portrayed along with a divine creation called “best friend”.

They are a warehouse of mischief, hiding an ocean of our secrets. 

When we’re in agony, they suffer with us. When we’re happy, they share it with us. When we’re in trouble, they recite the wildest solutions that can possibly topple our entire world!
They dance to our unlyrical melodies, make us realize we’re aging with every passing birthday, greet us shamelessly with a thousand insults.
They lift us up from our lows, ablaze the darkness within us like a roaring fire.
Mending each other’s flaws and working together against all the odds, friendship is an essence savored by all.
A bunch of bitter sweet memories that shall always occupy the depths in our hearts.

Picture Credit: Deepak Kumar

Happy Friendship Day!!


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