Mubarakan : A Family Entertainer

Director Anees Bazmi has once again filled the world of family movies with delight. After a long time, Bollywood has brought a film that can be watched in the cinemas with the whole family together without expecting any embarrassing scene to make you feel uncomfortable before your parents or relatives. Not getting what film is being talked about? It is none other than Mubarakan.

With a huge star cast – Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D Cruz, Athaiya Shetty & Ratna Pathak Shah,  the film promises to entertain you from the beginning till the last scene. Arjun Kapoor, who is seen in a double role – one of a typical Punjabi boy and other of a swagger London lad, has justified both the characters. 

The story is of twin brothers who were brought up separately, upon the demise of their parents. One of them was brought up in London by their aunt and the other one was brought up in Punjab by their uncle. Although their lifestyles, clothing and habits differed magananimously, the only constant was the fact that they appeared exactly the same. (Being twins)

Arjun Kapoor’s Twin Role In Mubarakan

Towards the middle of the film we find the brides of the two are arranged for their marriage and as a matter of destiny, the things get exchanged. There is much more comedy and tragedy that accompanies the climax, with all the characters celebrating their wedding.

All in all, it is a film worth spending money for a one time watch. This is definitely one of the best performances by Arjun Kapoor after Gunday. Anil Kapoor is the most responsible character for keeping the storyline line young and full of life. His punch lines had been stomach aching!

Here is one of them – “Alarm toh Maine lagta tha, pta nhi Baka kyun nhi?” (Which is very common to all of us 😛)

Here is another one – “Is baar Christmas 25 ko pad rha hai?” (My bad 😅)

Yet another one – “Tu drug addict ban ja. Apna Punjab , Udta Punjab.” ( speechless advice 😬)

I can’t resist sharing this – “Behen Ji chalo, warna mera dance yahin nikal Jana hai!” (Puppy face 😧)

Anil Kapoor’s Refreshing Role in Mubarakan

While the young ladies don’t have much to say or do, except to support the story, the costumes of their entire cast were superb. In fact, it is a refreshing film after a long time. 


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