Time is Up For OTW Movies in Indian Cinema, Promises Secret Superstar Trailer

Time is up!

Time is up for Movies that have their story line encircling around the same old subjects. Be it Raabta, starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kirti Sanon that portrayed the story of birth and rebirth, trying to find lost love or Mubarakan, having a long star cast that includes Anil Kappor and Arjun Kapoor, hoping to entertain the public with an Indian wedding drama, or Imtiyaz Ali’s Jab Harry Met Sejal (whose title resonates with Jab We Met) with Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma as the lead characters romancing in an overseas location, all of them has been classified by today’s youth as OTW (one time watch).

Bollywood Movies in 2017

It is because, these themes have gone old. In an era when TV series like Sherlock and GOT have dominated Indian laptops, Spiderman: Homecoming is debated by kids in schools, Bollywood seems to be matching pace but slowly and steadily.

Amidst the pool of repetitive story line movies, there are certain exceptional movies that are also made in Bollywood. I have three of the off-herd movies on my list to talk about today.

1. Jagga Jasoos:

Jagga Jasoos Poster

It is one of those rare movies that are made in Bollywood, on a Disney theme. The subject and message are both strong, however it needs to be watched till the end to understand the movie. The story of a boy detective in search of his father,  portrays a very beautiful relationship of Son with his Dad. Besides this, the characters are inspired somewhat from the Adventures of Tintin (A Disney Character), that is clearly visible from the hairstyle of Ranbir Kapoor. The movie showed the thought process in the mind of a kid when he is abandoned by his parents. Jagga Jasoos is an example of films the Indian cinema should make.

2. Toilet Ek prem Katha:

Toilet Ek Prem Katha poster

The question raised in the movie – “We have reached the top of Mount Everest. Why is our thinking yet so small?” went a lot viral even before the movie had hit the theatres. With a brilliantly new concept of highlighting the importance of sanitation in India, the movie portays the story of a newly wed couple who fight over not having a toilet constructed in the house and eventualy part. The wife abandons the house and his husband, on the same cause and the husband resolved to get one constructed. The movie created a lot of awareness along with entertainment. In fact it prooved that toilet is the best place for inspiration.

3. Secret Superstar:

Secret Superstar Poster

The treaser is relased only yesterday and this film has beautifully been focussed on a different story line – social media and youth. The movie is about a young Muslim girl, who is passionate about singing but is not allowed to sing due to her family regulations. She conceals her identity beneath the Burkha and uploads her videos on YouTube that go viral (Something that happens truly) and make her a popular name. The movie that shall be in the theatres this Diwali says – “Dreaming is basic.” And in fact it is one of the different themes that Bollywood must work upon.

In the end, it is time for OTW (One Time Watch) movies to take farewell. And do watch these three movies!


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