Adversities Of Life

What are the adversities of life?
They are the ones we imagine. It is said — ‘Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.’ So, we add to our loneliness, by creating more of it. In fact, by imagining something that doesn’t exist, we make a caldera out of a crater. Although it fills the void with volcanic ash, its solidification never fills the depression but not necessarily the right depression.

What are the adversities of life?
They are the ones we create. As if imagining it wasn’t enough, we actually bring it into existence by giving birth to it. Man is the only social animal who can talk nonsense, even to his own self. It is how he functions – he creates his own problems and then resolves it. It’s like playing checkers with oneself and making attempts to checkmate ourselves.

What are the adversities of life?
They are the ones we feel. And when brain is a participant in the race to develop hardships, it faces tough competition from heart like it always does in all walks of life. The affliction of heart is more dogmatic, therefore difficult to suppress. We feel to an extent that a chain of reaction starts and we become numb. Surrendering to brain is unfortunate, but succumbing to heart, is a crueler fete.

What are the adversities of life?
They are the ones we own. Perhaps, we fail to understand that happiness is not a destination, it is more like weather. Someday it shines bright upon you while other day the clouds blocks its way and leave you deprived of it. Then are the days of hailstorms, when you get beaten on head and you run for shelter finding solace in something close by. There are even days when you are by the fully bloomed garden in the morning and amidst a leaf shedding forest in the evening. It all keeps changing from time to time because happiness is a state and so are the adversities of life.

In search of answers, we wander far and wide, venturing into unknown. Some find it in temples, mosque, church, some find it in themselves, while others find it in each other.

Picture Credit: Akash Singh


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