Are Your Efforts Enough?

I never end up doing what I intend to do when I start. It’s like the clouds visiting the place to rain but retiring only after scaring the world with their thunder.

The nebulous paradigm that the denizens dwell upon theorize that a parallel universe is born in a heartbeat when we encounter a decisive crux. The veracious moment when we stand at a crossroad, wondering of all the routes, which path will trace our heart’s desires and relinquish our thirst for more.

I can’t help but accord an agog visage. So I am didactic about my approach, cautious and conscious of my choices. That each one of them bear consequence, whether approbatory or adverse towards the world inside you and the one that surrounds you.

Because, if I’m being completely modest, I’m grievous and narcissistic as I enjoy this wondrous daze. I never learn, even when I’m learning. I never imbibe, even when I’m drenching. And I enjoy the process of it all !

So I fink out and watch the world revolve, imagining how many parallel universes exist because I failed to make the right choices. Because I failed to commit to something as bizarre and blooming as to love and to be loved in return !



Picture Credit: Abhishek Srivastava


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