These iPhone 8 Leaks Have Deprived Me of My Night’s Sleep

I am one of the few people who regret having an iPhone today for these leaks are far more lucrative than the iPhone in my hand is. Just yesterday I happened to meet my school friend, who informed me about these iPhone 8 leaks and deprived me of my night’s sleep. I mean just have a look at the technological advancements the iPhone 8 is expected to have –

  • Edge to edge display, with a oled display
  • A better processor most likely to be Apple A11 chip
  • Dual camera setup in a vertical (up to down) way, depth sensing may also be there.
  • Glass and metal body.
  • Home button will be on-screen no physical home button, and fingerprint reader maybe or maybe not present in the iPhone 8.
  • Face recognition or IR’s scanner.
  • Wireless charging and USB type C to lightning port charging.
  • AR might be presented in the front camera also for better unlocking and faster unlocking of iPhone, and AR will be present for games and other stuff
  • Pricing of the iPhone is expected to be around 800 USD to 1000 USD.
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 – Gift from Apple on the 10th Anniversary of iPhone

Although I am not a technology freak, but I am still moved by the way Apple has dominated its iPhone development. The year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple has definitely planned it in the right way – grand and exceptional. Being a trend setter for many other mobile manufacturers, its wireless charging and face recognition features will be among the most ambitious developments.

Many android owners have shifted to iPhone, no matter which version it is (I am one of them). While there are months for the launch of iPhone 8, the buzz is already here. And I am like, it’s okay it happens. Start saving your pennies to get the latest iPhone.


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