Windows Subjects Paint to Extinction!

I was heart-broken when I read it on the Microsoft website. It has been one of those softwares on my first PC that consumed the most of my time. If you go into the flashback, even you cannot deny the fact that you have spent hours in making shapes and coloring them with the most unsophisticated color scheme. As I child, it was the first software that was taught to me at school and even now, I use it often to crop screenshots.

Drawings on MS Paint
Drawings on MS Paint

The news that there will be no active development on Paint and that it might also be removed from the future version of Windows comes as a despair. The software was first introduced by Microsoft in the year 1875 and since then, it has been the basic graphics editing program. With the emergence of many new and competitive graphics editing platforms, the software had become endangered. And now, after 32 years of its existence, Microsoft has announced its extinction in the next update for Windows 10.

While it will contain a lot of new features that will enhance the user experience, it shall chop off the updates for Microsoft Paint. Paint 3D was introduced earlier this year in April in the Windows 10 update, but now Microsoft has decided not to incorporate any updates for MS Paint. Not only paint, Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list, have also been signaled for death.

Microsoft has a new move for future

Although the official date for the death of these robust and best-of-their-time software solutions is not yet known, it is definitely a historic step by Windows. We might also expect that Windows is planning to launch better and more competitive solutions to in the next versions. Perhaps this is why they need to focus on the development and improvements of new projects and so they are shutting down the old ones.

But, yet again many kids would never be able to cherish the joy we had while drawing and coloring on Paint. And yes! Microsoft is going to add MS Paint to the Windows Store. I wish Microsoft makes the setup of Paint available for download!



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