Website that Asks You to Create an Account are Building their Databases

What do you think happens to the credentials such as name, qualification, age, email, contact number, gender, etc. that you enter on any website to create an account for Log In? Or what happens when you shop for a particular product or service online after logging into that account?

The credentials you enter become the part of the large database that the website manages for separate stacks such as – Males under 30, Females under 30, Engineering graduates, etc. Whenever a new business starts, or an existing business adds on something, they look out for the contact numbers and email addresses of the potential customers. These existing websites with stacks of databases that have the contact information of potential customers, exchange them with the needy businesses for monetary/ non-monetary deals.

For example, a new coaching institute comes up in your city. They would like more and more students to join their course. However, how to narrow down their audience selection is a major challenge before them. They purchase databases from existing websites of the potential age group and background, who are likely to convert into their customers. Then, they send them emails and SMSs, giving them lucrative offers and lending them their contact information. When the information is reached out to the customers via emails, it is known as Email marketing and when via SMSs, it is known as SMS marketing.

Now when you see unacknowledged (promotional) SMSs and emails dropping on your phone and mail respectively, you would definitely think as to where these brands/businesses/companies got your contact number. Often an overseas venture contacts you, leaving you amazed. But don’t worry they never met you or your friends. They met the websites where you have your virtual profiles and extracted your data from there.

Marketing and advertising go hand in hand. The customers are aware only of the surface level things, while the depth of how the advertisers reach their target audience are still hidden from them.  Winding up the post, I leave you here with a question. Why do you think the option Log In with Facebook has been developed by websites?

Graphic by: Abhishek Srivastava


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