Is It Worth Comparing With Other Ranbir Kapoor Starers by Anurag Basu Like Barfi?

Ranbir Kapoor’s much-awaited movie, Jagga Jasoos released after many hardships on July 14, 2017. It is one of a kind movies and is a rarely made one in Bollywood. Many of you can feel bored due to the long story, but it is surely a great watch for people who need a break from typical romansicm in Bollywood movies. The tweets are here to support the statement.

The movie portrays a very beautiful relationship of Son with his Dad. Jagga on sets the journey of a bumbling boy-detective in search of his Missing Dad, who was lost in the work of the organization, being an agent of the organization. Along with him, he has a female friend to accompany him on this sojourn. She happens to be a magazine reporter. Katrina found it difficult to match up to the role, but the free-flowing nature of the story allowed her enough opportunities to catch her breath when she needs to.

Jagga Jasoos

Jagga goes for the musical way to ditch his stammering, making Jagga Jasoos a musically adventurous movie. It’s natural mix of music, dance, situational as well as slapstick comedy and wildly improbable acting. Pritam’s songs in Arijit’s voice fill all those little negative parts of the movie. The movie has memorable moments with beautiful graphics and enchanting emotions. You will feel the thrill as you progress with the adventurous story. Ranbir Kapoor has added glitter to the story line with his incredible acting.

The first half is simple, building up the mystery and thrill to unfold in the second half where you suddenly realize that the story is multi dimensional. Yet again, on comparing it with other Ranbir Kapoor stared Anurag Basu creations such as Barfi, it did not meet out the viewer’s expectations. But that doesn’t mean we must lose hope, for doing something exceptional always needs you to pay a handsome price. Although the movie did not perform well at the box office, it would be one the most elusive performance that Ranbir Kapoor has ever done.


Every picture is a new creation in itself. It is a proof of the versatility that Ranbir Kapoor holds in himself. Let us appreciate that!


5 Replies to “Is It Worth Comparing With Other Ranbir Kapoor Starers by Anurag Basu Like Barfi?”

      1. Yes,I agree .It’s didn’t get good response on box office,people found it boring .But I like the new concept ,it’s challenging to take risk and try some different zone.

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