Tonight 9 pm You shall see Winter Coming

Winter is here ! And so is the most awaited season of the TV series Game Of Thrones. The crown declared Cersei of the House Lannister the Queen of the Andals and the First Men, the protector of the Seven Kingdoms. Long May She Reign !!

So will Cersei survive the curse that comes with the Iron throne, the miserable death that followed everyone who happened to have been blessed with the courtesy to rest upon it or will the past repeat itself and the very throne will become the final nail in the coffin of the most merciless character of the series.

Or perhaps she’ll avenge the death of her children considering a “Lannister always pays his debts.”
Will Tyrian Lannister survive the wrath of her sister subsiding with Daenerys Stormborn who has finally reached Westeros?

Well she’ll be greeted by Lady Olenna and Ellaria Sand after the closing episode witnessed Lady Olenna saying “Survival is not what I’m after” with Ellaria completing her sentence with the word “Vengeance” and Lord Varys entering & foretelling us to bring House Tyrell and House Martell into the loop with the mighty Targaryen.

Will the mother of dragons be succesful in breaking the wheel?
Jon Snow will face a revolt as per the synopsis released by the show. Who will it be ?

Will Sansa Stark go against her illegitimate brother who happens to be her cousin, the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna Targaryen?

Perhaps Season 7 will remove curtains from this mystery by Bran coming to the forefront and revealing the true identity of Jon Snow.

Will that become the reason of revolt against him as he wont remain a Stark to lead the north or will it be Lord Baelish who will be the hurdle in Snow’s path?
Will the Starks reunite after “The girl is finally no one”? As Arya Stark was seen saying “The last thing you’re ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die.” right before she eliminated House Frey.

Will Arya Stark reach the end of her kill list where Queen Cersei takes the top spot ? Or will the opportunity be passed to the Queen’s lover/brother?

Will Jaime Lannister become the QueenSlayer now?¬†Will Sam discover any new way to kill the whitewalkers beside the dragon glass and valyrian steel sword as the plot shifts towards the north after a white raven came from the Citadel and Sansa Stark declared “Winter is Here”?

The wait is finally over, who’s the next one to die and who’ll survive because “When you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die, there is no middle ground”


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