The Wait Ends With Beyoncé’s Instagram Post

While the world went mad with the news of the double blessings they received, they hardly knew that were making 18th June a historic day. Yes, it was the day when Beyoncé gave birth to her twins, a boy and a girl. Since then, the world waited to have a glimpse of them.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement post

Beyoncé’s first pregnancy post became so much famous on Instagram, that she began documenting her pregnancy with series of posts on Instagram. The last post she made was of her photo shoot with her twins when they turned 1 month old. Like the rest of her posts, even this picture got viral.

Beyoncé with her one month old twins

Intriguingly, her image in which she shares the news of her pregnancy, expecting twins was also on a floral background and in a veil. Her latest picture with the twins bears semblance with the first picture of this documentary and it can be expected that this is the last picture of the series.

Well, I believe that she shared the pictures in order to share her happiness on being blessed with the twins. Even she would have not expected the world to reciprocate so much love to her and her new-born twins.

Beyoncé and JAY-Z with their elder daughter, Blue Evy

Beyoncé and her husband, JAY-Z (Shawn Carter) are the couple who have filed trademark for the names of their kids to prevent the spread of misleading rumors. Earlier this year, they got the name of their elder daughter, Blue Ivy trademarked and a week ago they got the name of their newly born twins – Sir Carter & Rumi Carter, trademarked.


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