Google Adds ‘Accessibility’ To Their Lives

While Charles Babbage invented the computer, he never thought technology would come so far, that Douglas Engelbart would invent the mouse and Christopher Sholes will invent the Keyboard and that Sir Tim Berners-Lee would create the World Wide Web. Of course, these four weren’t aware that Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. will function totally on computer systems connected to the web. And like them, these internet magnets are not aware, of what holds in the future.

The way we get quick search results on Google is very mysterious. It is not only Google Algorithms that amaze us, but also other Google updates that continue to prove that its’ services are dedicated for the better experiences of the users.

Google Maps Updated with Accessibility Feature

Google Maps have recently been updated with the ‘Accessibility’ feature. The need for the feature comes from the difficulties that disabled people (especially those on a wheelchair) faced while commuting to various places for attending conferences or celebrations or simply for recreation.

Accessibility Feature Answers This Question

The ‘Accessibility’ feature has made life easier for people with reduced mobility or physical disability by showing the additional features that the location has. It will show the staircases, elevators, escalators, special parking, restrooms, washroom etc.

The users can also contribute to add accessibility attributes of the location they are presently in. This will be helpful to people to ensure that they have the means to commute to a place before they reach there. They have truly justified their tag line – ‘Never carry a paper map again’.

Well, that is just the little big distance that technology has traveled. There are updates everyday, every single moment. The best is yet to come and yet to amaze us.


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