What is so fascinating about Google Algorithms?

We are perplexed by the way search engines refine themselves every single day. They take every single word entered for search as a R&D project. Let us talk about the Google algorithms.

This practice of updating algorithms comes as no surprise as the company’s vision for providing better and efficient search results is an evident proof in itself for the updates.
The recent update which devalued all the bad links and removed them was an attempt in the same direction. Also, it devalued the websites with such link building, dropping it down in search engine results.  It was to ensure that only the most relevant websites appear in the search engine results.

These unbeatable updates in Google Algorithms, are never announced. As a matter of fact, these updates go unnoticed until there is a huge variation in the organic traffic to a website.

I wish I could be like Google Algorithms. Updating myself without going unnoticed.

All rights reserved with Zinni Thy Boulevard.


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