Lost Within The Woods

Looking in front, you can find the exit through the jungle,

But can you predict the distance – how far it is without a fumble?

Walking has indeed brought you to the place where you are right now,

And even your present status has raised many concerned brow,

But you can’t stop at this point, your muscles are weary though,

Can’t you resurrect your hopes, for the brood waiting for you?

You continue like a beast, egressing towards an easy way out,

You stumble, you fall, you tumble, you call, hearing echo of your own shout!

Even though you wish to reach your destination before the dawn,

There is silence all along, after all it’s the only path to walk upon,

Your will and perseverance sit patiently on either of your shoulders,

Noting down your rewards and sins in maintained folders.

Ah, it’s morning light, the sole guide you have to help you through the way,

The darkness has never been your friend when your time was grey,

As you try to look above yourself through the thick canopy,

You will realize the sun will be down soon & this light is just fallacy.

You will ask for forgiveness for all that you left behind,

And curse the moment you were lost in the woods, unwind.

The moment you began to speed up your pace,

New thoughts begin to rise in your brain space,

Will I ever be out of this place? 

Is there any end to this troubled chase?

‘No’ is the answer to this, sternly proposed by the heart,

For this is life, an endless pursuit, perhaps it is just the start.



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