5 Things Every Student in the Final Year Does Not Has On The List

College is like no other time in your life. You can have the most futile arguments, the worst fears, the strongest attachments and the craziest trips only when you are in college. It is the time that teaches you the most valuable lessons of life as well.

best part.jpg

Often we end up comparing college life with school life, but it is a wrong comparison. We were innocent kids while at school and had a vision for college on being a pass out from college. As soon as we move out of our college, a number of insecurities develop. Life no longer remains the ‘trifle treat’ it was at college.

But, we are not here to be afraid of the challenges that life is going to throw at us. We will adapt ourselves to them. Yet, there are a few things that develop fear in you while you are in your last semester.


The 5 things that every student in the final year does not has on the to do list are:

  1. Fighting for food at the lunch table. family-reunion-picnic-clip-art-family-clipart.jpgOld habits die hard. We shall never be able to follow those dining manners that are meant for the lunch table.
  2. Cutting on the expenses for recreation. lets-party.pngLife is nothing without enjoyment. This is one lesson from college life that deserves appreciation. Everything is chill!
  3. Not dreaming about cracking some great exam. aaeaaqaaaaaaaaxvaaaajgvlzdfjmtu4lwi2zdctndrmmc04mji3lthlm2e1ztq3odbhyg.pngWho says we are not eligible for CAT, GATE, UPSC, etc? We still have an option one to earn a decent life.  These exams still have their doors open for us.
  4. Finding a job on the recommendation of your relatives. Screenshot-2016-03-30-18.48.21This is a genuine stuff because we have a lot of self respect and we can manage without a job, rather than having a recommendation for a job.
  5. Getting married just after completing college. getting-married-2Sending and receiving proposals becomes common as soon as you reach your final year. While there is high pressure from parents, none of us wants to get trapped.

Are these relatable? If yes, then how many?


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