Why Don’t We Know These Names From the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup?

This is the 11th edition of the Women’s Cricket World Cup and we aim to dedicate the limelight to the 11 players from each nation, wrapping sincerity, dedication, and courage in their jerseys.

This year 8 teams have qualified to participate in the tournament that began on 24th June. It is for the first time that a Decision Review System (DRS), using technology tools was implemented in Women’s cricket.

Interestingly, out of a total of 31 matches, only 10 matches of the entire tournament are to be broadcasted live on television. The remaining 21 matches are to be streamed live from the ICC website.

Graphic By: Abhishek Srivastav

Whilst the ongoing 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup has set the benchmark for performances by women athletes, here are five women players who took the world by surprise. All of them represent women from the world and being an inspiration to many women who wished to play.

  1. SJ Taylor | England Women

    England Women v India Women: NatWest International T20
    S J Taylor

With a total of 289 runs, she is the highest run-scorer in this season. She has blasted the highest, 46 four-run-boundaries in just 5 matches, proving herself to be a naturally talented player.

  1. A C Jayangani | Sri Lanka Women

    A C Jayangani

The 27-year-old lady holds the record of giving her best of 178* against Australia. Although they lost the match due to poor fielding, she proved through her performance that the game is not just about winning or losing.

  1. L Lee | South Africa Women

    L Lee

Unbelievable 12 six-run- boundaries, the highest so far in the tournament are to her name. She is the hard-hitting batswoman, who had hit 6 of her 12 sixes in the recent match against India, contributing to the third-highest run chase in Women’s ODI.

  1. D van Niekerk | South Africa Women

    d van
    D van Niekerk

With a total of 9 wickets in the ICC Women’s World Cup so far and best of 4/0, she is the top wicket taking player of the tournament. Being a leg-spinner, she plays well with the ball and is remembered for bowling off Mithali Raj, the Indian captain in the recent match for a duck.

  1. E Bisht | India Women

    India vs Pakistan - Women's Cricket World Cup
    E Bisht

In an age when people think of settling down (31 years), she walks on the field with the ball in her hand, to set the record of having total 9 wickets in the tournament. Her best performance being 5/18 against Pakistan on July 2, she took everyone five months back where she did the same magic in the World Cup Qualifier.

Currently, the leading four teams in the points table are England, Australia, India and New Zealand. As the league stages are drawing closer towards the end, tensions develop in the teams, anticipating who shall play the finals in the grounds of Lord’s.


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