What Captain America Conveyed To Peter Parker Via The Cafeteria Television?

You may call him the ‘Wall crawler’, the ‘Man Spider’ or the ‘Spider Man’. But all of these are pseudonyms for Peter Parker, a high school student who developed inhuman abilities with the bite of an irradiated spider.


This character from the Marvel Universe vowed to use his incredible powers to protect his fellow men when a burglar killed his Uncle. His thoughts and actions are driven by his Uncle’s words: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

The Abilities: In his most recent screen appearance, Spider-Man: Homecoming, he comes back home after his experiences with the Avengers in the Civil War. Tony Stark becomes his new mentor, gifting him a brand new spider man suit, which is far more than a red and blue costume. Yet, he seems to be more scared in Homecoming than he was in his other solo performances.

The Insecurities: The film’s opening scene finds him lost in self-doubt and helplessness, just like a child. He was unsure of everything that he could do with his body, not considering what great technology he had at his disposal. He wished to be a part of the Avengers squad, but Tony Stark took him lightly, igniting a tempest of thoughts in him to prove his worth.

The storyline has arrangements to present the changing and growing up of ‘Spider Man’ in a lot of ways. This is clearly visible from his desire to balance his life as an ordinary high school student and at the same time to showcase himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

He often complains about Mr. Stark treating him as a kid, and yearns to prove himself. Although he has earned new abilities, he feels that he is not able to do justice to them. He carries some real human fears and weaknesses, like a fear of heights and tries hard to overcome them, as a sign of being an eminent superhero.

The Villain: Continuing with his efforts to save the fellow men from dangers, he develops enmity an egoistic villain, the Vulture. Intriguingly, he discovers that Vulture is none other than his date’s father and he had been hunting for him everywhere. He finally risks everything that he holds important in himself. This once again fires the fight between real life Peter Parker and the heroic Spider Man.

captain america.jpg

The Lesson: For the finishing touch, Steve Rogers, the loving ‘Captain America’ steps in through a TV in the cafeteria and tells disappointed Peter Parker, about one of the most valuable traits a student or soldier can have – patience. He conveys, “Patience is the key.”

Well, who could have been better than him to convey this lesson to the growing kid and even the world?

Graphic Credit: Abhishek Srivastav


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