Eid Festivities that Speak of it’s Grandeur 


Sewaiyan on all stalls, in explicit varieties.
Women shopping all night as if shops would never be available again.
Men matching their kurtas with excitement to offer Eid’s Namaz this year.
And kids, making special space for storing their Eidi this year.

No wonder why the grandeur of this festival draws everyone closer at home, no matter where they were for the rest of the year.

DSC_0141q_compressedq.jpgIt unites and strengthens bonds, with chants of ‘Eid Mubarak’ embracing the people. It might be a late post to make, but yes a very essential one.

Ramzan literally translates as ‘harsh’ from Arabic, because the fasts are not easy to keep. The Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, fulfilling one of the five pillars of Islam – Shahada, Namaaz, Zakat, Roza, and Hajj. The fasting abstains them from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual intercourse. In short, fasting is to develop self-control.

The festival of Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of the holy month of Ramzan, the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. Eid comes once a year, but the celebrations are never fading away. With each passing day, Eid nears us and we make more preparations for it.


  • Girls would spend hours in the market shopping for their Eid dress and matching accessories, hardly giving a thought to the fact that the final day of Eid turns them into maids, washing the bowls, glasses, and spoons after every leave.
  • Your guests, especially the non-Muslim friends come hunting for sewaiyan and biryani. And eat until their tummies are filled up to the brim.
  • Young girls have latest purses hanging by their shoulder for Eidi collections while young boys have pockets in their kurtas that serve to be an equally efficient Eidi saver.

There is calm, cheer and celebration prevailing all over. And the most awaited day bids farewell, promising to see us again next year. This promise fills us with zeal and contentment, otherwise parting from Eid is too tough.

Picture Credits: Sanjay Pal


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