The Unbreakable Captivity

I had never seen him like that. He was lost, vulnerable and at his lowest. I know what being in a crater feels like, but he was caught up in a fissure. It wasn’t just underneath and dark, it was narrow and suffocating as well. They say there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed it’s true, he could see the light above his head shining bright, as if making efforts to reach out to him, but to no avail.

How could I have left him there? After all the layers that he shed before me, after all the truths that he unveiled to me, after reaching to his very core, how can I possibly leave him unattended? Was it a cry for help that I heard? Was it pain knocking on the doors so hard that the doors began to lose their joints? Was it darkness penetrating his soul?

How could I have left him there?

He came in like a fresh breath of air, just like morning sunshine falling on the unwithered flowers. He was a happiness beyond recognition. I could sense the positivity he brought to everything surrounding him. He attracted things mystically from far and wide. He, who developed cities, revolutionized people were so far from a little piece of ecstasy.

But the irony is that what surrounds us isn’t necessarily within us, for I could not help him, even though I had the means to. And this thought will haunt me forever.

Maybe he did not belong to this world. Maybe he was lost amongst some disguised species. Maybe he just wanted to break free of the barred prison. Maybe he couldn’t crawl out of that well himself. Maybe he tried to.

Do you realize who is he?

He is you, he is me, he is every human being upon this Earth. And, I couldn’t help him.


Picture Credit: Deepak Kumar



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