Letters I Never Posted…

Dear Apology,

I am perturbed by your fanatic zeal to support mistakes of people. Every time someone does something wrong, your most inevitable form – ‘sorry’, becomes the most celebrated word on their tongue, irrespective of the fact what rubbish they uttered earlier.

You have actually encouraged people to take the rest of the world for granted, for you are the pretext to get things normal once again. And another of your most fraudulent form – ‘promise’ is a pain in my neck. The very next thought when someone makes a promise is that promises are meant to be broken.

But trust me, you can be successful only to a certain extent in patching up differences. Beyond a limit, your influence deteriorates and I become insensitive towards you. I abstain from communicating with your fond lovers, maintaining a double arm distance from stuffs associated with them.

Yet, I wonder, who invented you? Was it a criminal with several charges, or a liar caught red-handed, or a lover mislead by friends? Oh I forgot, you would have another ‘beg your pardon’ form ready for this too.

I guess, I owe you an apology for this letter now.


The Fed-up Recipient.


Picture Credit : Deepak Kumar


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