From Bharat to Digital India

India is no longer the same bullock cart driven nation, with women drawing water from wells and men ploughing the field. It no longer sees running water supply from the thatched roofs dripping into their earthen food plates.

Bharat has come a long way to be called as India, or rather Digital India. (I hope you people will give the due credit to the person for making this term more than a dream.)

Going to market to do instant shopping, dropping at food points every day, travelling with a hard copy of the ticket and standing in ques for a financial transaction, have become the history of middle age India.

Today, everything is just a click away. Online shopping is new cool while food delivers in less than 45 minutes. M-tickets have revolutionised the journeys while paying bills and transferring money have simpler steps to follow.

Bharat has seen change, the only constant. The new world is no longer about oil or guns, cotton or spices, gold or copper. It is about being connected to the internet.

I wonder if these little ‘balloon sellers’ and their fellow snack vendors, cart pullers, car cleaners, office boys etc. will be able to  cope up with this widespread digitalization where even kabadiwalas have begun dealing online.

Online systems for products and services have made everything see a sea change.  If you don’t trust me, a google search will help you testify to the same.

Who shall buy these balloons now? Who will bargain for those water bubble gadgets? Who will eat those pani puris and tikkis by the road side?

The local markets including grocery shops, will soon have to go digital as they are already on the verge of extinction. In years to come, the sights like the one in the picture shall be a rare occurrence. The traditional modes of services are going obsolete as India advances towards Digital India.

Do you agree?


Picture Credit: Sanjay Pal



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