Love Thyself !!

In a paradigm where verisimilitudinous speculations inherit mounting maxima, the preposterous vision is profoundly condemned. The belligerent encounters of heart with mind sever the functioning of all the factions of the human brain and heart.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pervading into the monstrous dolors of dereliction. I’ve been told that I’m a confused, chaotic, directionless flesh with no idea of the path I’m headed at. I’ve been marked as a pushy, aggressive soul with no knowledge of controlling situations with steer and circumspecting conversations.

As impossible as it may seem, I’m at two places at once — mindful and oblivious, liberal and orthodox, appreciative and derogatory, evolved and primitive. A mutually exclusive paradox — that’s what I am.

Tell me, do I have to abide by the pseudo decalogue to life or can I do better? What have the ones, who’ve treaded the path before me gained? And the ones to follow me to this mundaneness, to what end will you all go?

More burning is the notion of me, filling the hole and victimizing myself in this strenuous rush. My purpose has been questioned, my pretensions have been impeached and my motives, judged. I have been deprived of my very existence.

But I’m a very stubborn and obstinate spirit and this is what I plan to do — I’ll listen to my conscience and I’ll fight. Against all the pleasantries disguised sine qua non that I won’t ever heed, I’ll fight till the last heartbeat. I’ll take my bosom and my brain to places unravelled, in solitude. I will confide in myself, no matter what.

Picture credit : Deepak Kumar


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