How Internet took over the Newspaper, the Television and the Radio by Surprise?

Internet: “Hello Newspaper! I am sorry to have diverted a lot of your regular readers!”

Newspaper : “Yeah, you are right. I have started losing my charm now-a-days.” 

Internet: “That is so understanding on your part, Newspaper. But believe me, coming days will be more challenging for both of us.”

Newspaper : “Yeah, I know I am dying.” 

Internet: “Don’t worry. Every body has a limited time span. How are your friends, Television and Radio?”

Newspaper: “They are dying too. You have given cancer to traditional media.”

Internet: “Even I would die one day, when some more powerful platform will emerge all of a sudden. Although, I never thought I would be able to give you competition but I really fear doubting any body else’s capabilities to compete with me.”

Newspaper: “That’s a professional joke. The Computers, the Laptops, the Mobile Phones, the Tablets and what not is your ally! And you say you would be overthrown!”

Internet: “I can understand your pain, Newspaper.”

Newspaper: “You don’t need to console me. Let me die gracefully. Its your time. Enjoy!”

Internet: “I shall be a regular visitor to your grave, Newspaper.”

Newspaper: “Time shall see! As of now, I guess taking retirement is a better option.”

And the newspaper went offline. He was depressed by the robust services of online media that were fading away the charisma of traditional media.

We tend to a quick internet search for every piece of information. Don’t we? This is because online media offers a variety of choices for the same piece of search. If you don’t find a piece of information convincing or relevant, you have a lot of options to check its credibility or relevance. Moreover, online media is more interactive and within instant reach of the masses.

Well, the race between the traditional media and online media was stimulated by the cutting edge technological revolution across the globe. With worldwide reach, flexibility for changes, compatibility with various platforms, online media has cumulatively acquired purpose driven, convenient readership.

Is the internet really killing the traditional media? The verdict is a draw. Although, online media poses challenges to traditional media, television channels, radio channels and newspaper agencies are adapting themselves to the changes while on the go. They have begun operating on their websites and are being friends with the trends!

Well, that’s a cut throat competition!

Graphic by: Abhishek Srivastav


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