First Thoughts

And like a child, she rose from her mighty ancestral roots with her protective layer still covering her delicate soul, resembling a newly born chick in an eggshell. What possibly could be the first thoughts within the little mind of an infant?

Perhaps the desire to be as beautiful as her mother after having a mere glimpse at her, or maybe an inclination to be strong like her father, with more thorns on the body. What notion would be subsequent to this? Is it a yearning to travel? Is it an impulse to venture into the unknown?

She has been anticipating about the outer world before blooming. About the tears from clouds that might fall upon her lips and quench her thirst, about those hail storms that might also bring her down when accompanied with strong winds, about those cold winters that might freeze her to death. A fear suddenly encapsulates her, sending frenzy down the stem.

She then wonders about the dew that will reside on her body becoming her alibi, witnessing a mesmerizing dawn. She thought about all the long dark nights she will go through and wondered if all her siblings will remain with her till the end.

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, she experienced a little shake. Somebody was plucking her fully bloomed mother for a garland. The bud was unaware of the pain of departure, but she was anticipating that her mother was going to be revered. And that her father supported her all this while.

Maybe this is the purpose of life, to provide you with reasons to survive!


Picture Credit: Akash Singh


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