Love That Is Arranged In India

The dictionary defines ‘arranged marriage‘ as the marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple concerned. I appreciate the precise definition adhering to the fact that the reference wasn’t made to the arranged marriages in India.

Arranged marriages in the Indian subcontinent are far more than just choosing the bride and groom. Although, Bollywood is a passionate advocate of romanticism in folklore, it has been unsuccessful in changing the dreams associated with arranged marriages in Indian families.

Even today, if you visit your cousin who is married, his/her spouse would definitely tell you how eagerly they are waiting for your wedding. Also, that they would dance to the fullest, wear their wedding attires once again and demand expensive gifts from your parents, when you shall get married. Ah, they leave no stone turned in glowing your spirit red with embarrassment!

However, as India is changing rapidly, the youngsters are stepping forward and expressing their love before their parents, seeking their permission to choose their spouse. This is a new concept called ‘Love That Is Arranged‘. I wonder ‘jugaad‘ works even here!

But before any two people can get married, a number of advises drop in.
The right age to get married because you don’t find good matches at elder ages. The right compromise because fights don’t make the marriage long. The right judgement of a person because long talks, travelling and parties, are not traits of intellectuals. The right financial stability, because no family sustains without expenses. The right family culture because it’s all ‘free advice‘ and does not instructs you to follow them vehemently.

All in all, your post graduation and successful accomplishment of a decent job, empower these free advises to find their way to each and every youngster born in an Indian family. Well, the ‘free advice’ from here is, respect your parents and relatives but do not get mislead by anyone to get married even when you are not ready for it. These ‘arranged marriages’ have undoubtedly been successful for generations, and so our parents and relatives boasting about it is ‘understandable‘.

It might happen in the near future that we would be looking up to ‘arranged marriage‘ to find ‘Love That Is Arranged‘. So bear with us, their applauds and praises!

Bride in Arranged Marriage

Picture Credit: Vardan Sharma




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